Apolis Villas & Suites Resort Parga

A place of absolute tranquility, authentic hospitality, pure quality, and discreet luxury.

Crowned by olive trees, the Apolis Villas & Suites Resort overlooks the magnificent view of the picturesque city of Parga, the beautiful coastline with clear blue waters & the Ionian Sea.


Apolis Villas is a complex of 9 private villas in Parga that offers accommodation with panoramic views of the town of Parga, the area of Valtos and the village of Anthousa.

Restaurant & Bar

The purity of the Mediterranean now in your villa and/or suite! Wake up the aroma of coffee, drink a replenishing orange juice and try out all the wonderful flavors, with a clean view of the light blue sky and the magical town of Parga. Enjoy a nourishing, healthy breakfast, with a variety of local high quality products.