Restaurant & Bar

The purity of the Mediterranean now in your villa and/or suite! Wake up the aroma of coffee, drink a replenishing orange juice and try out all the wonderful flavors, with a clean view of the light blue sky and the magical town of Parga. Enjoy a nourishing, healthy breakfast, with a variety of local high quality products. Fruits, yogurt mixed with honey and chestnut or homemade marmalade, we serve eggs just the way you want them and croissants, savory pies and fresh bread… These are the commodities you can savor either in the dinning room or in your private balcony at the time of the day that you desire. Delight in the panoramic view of the Ionian sea and the town of Parga, with the radiating sun gleaming over the sea. Discover the beauty of nature every morning, while restoring your energy for another unique day in Parga

From noon until late at night, guests at Apolis villas & Suites resort have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Greek cuisine. Choose excellent dishes of local cuisine, prepared with fresh ingredients. Enjoying the view is truly a unique experience. The combination of this magnificent setting with gastronomic delights, makes the experience even more unique!
During the day, thirst with fresh juices, coffee and drinks. As the sun sets, it’s time for a fruit cocktail, a glass of champagne or wine.

Apolis Villas Parga

Apolis Villas promises to provide all you require, excellent accommodation in an idyllic environment. Contact us so we can inform you in detail about everything related to your honeymoon in Parga and your stay at Apolis Villas.